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Forbes states, “Consumers are expecting more than just ordinary videos now so you need to get creative”

Do you want eyeballs on your videos?  Well, we have the PERFECT creative solutions that will make an impact and ensure your videos stand out from your competition! We offer 3 services; Smart Video Personalization, Dynamic Interactive Video and YouTube Video Marketing. What are the benefits for your business?

  • Surges your conversions – Forrester confirms that proven data shows an increase in click-through rates by 985%
  • Amplifies your engagement – add clickable personal call-to-actions inside your videos, which engage your customers 10x more than a regular video ever could!
  • Boost your ROI – 2x conversions, 3x engagement and get up to 14x higher click thru rate
  • Less video viewing drop-off rates as your prospects are psychologically drawn into clicking carefully placed hot-spots in your video
  • Creates an effortless boost in search engine ranking for your websites and social media platforms

Smart Video Personalization

We use our Smart Video Personalization technology to create videos that offer a unique experience for each viewer. We can add elements such as a prospects’ Name, Geo-location, and even their Picture in the video which makes it appear as if it’s exclusively for them. Where can you use these videos?

  • Video email newsletters
  • Your website
  • Promotional videos
  • Product launches
  • Social media

The biggest brands in the world such as Domino’s Pizza and Marie Claire are already using this cutting edge technology in their video marketing campaigns to boost sales. You too can finally afford this.  Watch this mind blowing short 2 minute video to see the technology in action.  Please note – you will need to be logged into Facebook to see the Personalization elements in this video.

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Dynamic Interactive Video

We can add interactive elements to any video using our Dynamic Interactive conversion trigger technology which engages your viewers individually, making them part of the conversation.  Elements such as Hotspots and/or Popup triggers when clicked can direct your viewer to another website, different video, newsletter opt-in form, call-to-action, social media page, discount coupon etc.   We can generate reports by conversions, revenue, device, location and date.  Where can you use these videos?

  • Educational presentations
  • Landing pages
  • Training videos
  • Customer service videos
  • Video ads
  • Product launches

Instead of showing prospects a one size fits all video, you can show them a custom smart video segment to suit each person’s individual needs and finally give them the right kind of information they need to make a buying decision.  We take any video and make it a living breathing dynamic experience that’s unique to every viewer.  While your competition is wondering how to combat their lack of video engagement and conversions, you’ll be stealing their prospects with captivating videos that maximize both search engine and social traffic.

Watch this short 2 minute demo to see the technology in action.  The possibilities are endless, only limited by your imagination! So hit the play button, sit back, relax, get involved and have fun!

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YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube is the best place to get started with video marketing. Why? Well, because there are over 800 million unique user visits and over 4 billion hours of videos watched monthly for starters!  YouTube is available on 350 million devices and localised in 43 countries and across 60 languages. You get the picture.

This makes it an ideal place for building your company brand and profile online as your Prospects are all on there!  We can help you promote your video by optimising and uploading it onto YouTube. We will ensure your video ranks highly so people searching for your product or service in your city can find you first and knock your competition right out of the water!

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